• Gulf Shores

  • About

    Gulf Shores is a beautiful city in Alabama located by the coastal waters of the Gulf of Mexico. Since most of the city is beachfront, Gulf Shores attracts a lot of tourists to the area. This is a good thing because Gulf Shores depends on tourism to help stabilize their economy, like most coastal cities do. The location is a spectacular vacation spot and will make you feel like you’re on an island getaway because of its tropical feel. The beaches are sandy white and soft to the point where your feet just sink right into it. Not only that, but the beaches are kept very clean with very minimal pollution. This encourages tourists to participate in lots of water sporting activities like parasailing, surfing and swimming.

    Things to Do

    If you aren’t much of a beach person then don’t worry because there are plenty of other activities to do that don’t relate to water. The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo is located here, which has a reputation for being one of the cleanest zoos in the nation. For those that prefer an older generation sport like Golf, you are in luck because Gulf Shores has ten world class golf courses that have been sponsored by Jerry Pate and Arnold Palmer. No one expects you to be as good at golf as them, but you can still go there and have a good time by swinging a few clubs around.

    Vacation Homes

    Gulf Shores is basically a resort community with plenty of vacation homes available for rent. If you plan to spend an entire summer down there then you should look into renting one of these homes. Their prices are a lot better than most vacation rentals in Florida. After all, how many people around the country plan trips to Alabama for their summer vacation? People are usually going to Florida instead, which means Gulf Shores will lower their prices in order to make their location more attractive to tourists.

    A Fisherman's Paradise

    Gulf Shores is also a thriving fishing location. In fact, it has been called the Gulf Coast’s fishing capital because of its warm waters filled with fish. If you are a tourist who is interested in fishing then you can hire a local fisherman to take you out on his boat and give you some fishing lessons. If you feel confident to do it yourself then you can just rent a private boat and go out on the water as well. Some people spend a few days out on the ocean trying to deep sea fish. Whether they catch anything or not, they still have a nice relaxing time away from the mainland.