• Pensacola Airport Information

  • History

    Pensacola Airport  is an airport that mainly services the Gulf Coast region, but it also supports planes that travel throughout the whole southern region of the United States from other airports as well. The airport used to be called Pensacola Regional Airport, but later got changed to Pensacola International Airport in 2011 by Mayor Ashton Hawyard. Despite the new name containing the word “international,” the airport does not actually handle any foreign destinations. It is still mainly a regionally airport that handles both passengers and cargo planes from shipping companies, like UPS. It is a rather small airport that handles an average of 700,000 passengers per year. Most of the people that fly from this airport are usually traveling to cities within Florida, Georgia, and Texas. Everyone else that lands there is most likely waiting for a connecting flight to one of these locations. Pensacola Airport caters towards many of the major airlines like American Airlines, Delta Airlines, United Express and Southwest Airlines. Even the UPS Airlines cargo carrier travels through there.

    The airport was first built in 1935 and covers over 1200 acres of land. The airport used to be a naval training facility during the early 1940s of World War II. Later on in the late 60s, it finally started taking passengers with its first jet plane service. Despite a fatal plane crash by a National Airlines Boeing 727 in 1978, the airport has managed to continue its flight services within the southeastern region of the United States. As the number of tourists coming to Pensacola increases each year, the demands for a bigger operation are put on the airport. In 2011, this forced the once small Pensacola Airport to expand their terminal to accommodate more people waiting for their planes. The project cost about $35 million and was completed by the architectural firm of Gresham, Smith and Partners. The expansion has not really done much for the population of Pensacola though. In fact, the population seems to be decreasing in the city but the amount of tourism is increasing. Either way this has not hurt the business of the airport because it accommodates many connecting flights that were sent from bigger airports within its region.

    The future of the Pensacola airport looks very promising. As the economy gets better and fuel prices decrease, it seems that more people are willing to travel and spend their money. Pensacola is still a medium level tourist attraction that will always be greatly supported by this airport.

    Ground Transportation

    The ground transportation options at Pensacola Airport are airport shuttle services, taxis, buses and car rental. Airport shuttles must be hired by appointment only. Shuttles offer flat rates and the fare cost must be arranged prior to your trip. Taxis can be hired by going to the taxi queue and going to the first available taxi. Taxi rates are regulated by the city and are determined by meter reading at your final destination. Both airport shuttles and taxis can be accessed from either baggage claim door.